Avenida focuses on connecting young Latinx with their community and giving them opportunities to expand their professional or academic connections.

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Focused on empowering young people between 13 and 30 years old from the Latino community of Toronto, who participate on a voluntary basis, acquiring experience and skills in the media.

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About Avenida

More about Avenida

Avenida magazine focuses on connecting young Latinx with their community, as well as facilitating opportunities to expand their professional or academic connections.

Avenida Magazine is structured in sections:

  • Opinions and Tips
  • Youth Experiences
  • Young Latino Entrepreneur Latino
  • Recipes
  • Narrative section
  • Sports Chronicles
  • Entertainment

It is distributed in different community institutions such as: schools, libraries, churches, community centers, another way to access the Avenida Magazine is on the Avenidamagazine.org website and on social networks, facebook, Instagram, tik tok and linkedin. You can also register through the newlatter to receive the Avenida Magazine in an email. Periodicity: every 3 months we launch an edition with a variety of topics, and how many more than 2500 readers.


We offer the following Services


Young people can provide different services, registering as volunteers through the following form.

Workshops and seminars

You will learn how to prepare your resume, how to make a interview and access a job as well as skills in topics related to: writing, editing, designs and illustration.

Events calendar

You can stay informed of the events offered in the city of Toronto

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Frequent Asked questions

  • It is a youth magazine that the Center for Spanish-Speaking People offers to the Latino community with the collaboration of young entrepreneurs and the financial sponsorship of the Laidlaw Foundation.

  • Avenida focuses on connecting Youth with the community, as well as additional opportunities to build and/or expand academic and professional networks.

  • It is to connect young Latinos with their community, provide them with opportunities to expand their connections, and develop their professional and academic skills.

  • You must be a creative person, with skills to write, design, illustrate, edit and translate (Spanish and English). Fill in the following form

  • You can find it at the Center for Spanish-Speaking People 2141 Jane Street 2nd floor, Toronto ON, M3M 1A2, or by registering on the Avenidamagazine.org website, and you will receive an email with the magazine issue.

  • Interacting in the preparation of the Magazine, and participating in seminars, workshops, consultancies and different socio-cultural activities with the community.

  • Bilingual Latino youth (Spanish and English) from 16 to 30 years old.

  • This Project is supported by the CGHH and financed by the LAIDLAW Foundation


Meet our Team

Since the beginning of Avenida Magazine we have taken a tour with the young people who are part of the development of each of the editions, putting their creative skills into practice and leaving a mark on the Latino community and inspiring the new generations, showing samples of work in team and youth empowerment through a means of communication.

Jahir Benitez

Web Developer


Contact Us

The coordination of Avenida Magazine is carried out from the Center for Spanish-speaking people who provide services to the community from the following address.


Centro para Gente de Habla Hispana
2141 Jane Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M3M 1A2


+1 5589 55488 55s